CBD line and Yanfang branch line to start construction in 2017

2017-01-12 15:35 千龙网

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It is learned from the press conference on the construction of major projects in Beijing held on January 11 that CBD line and Yanfang branch line will start construction in 2017. With a total length of 34.6 km, Yanfang main line, West suburb line and S1 line will be put into service this year.

Yang Guangwu, spokesman of Beijing Major Projects Construction Headquarters Office, introduced that the 16.6-km–long Yanfang line with nine stations stretching from Suzhuang in Fangshan to Yanhua is the first fully automatic subway line in Beijing which will serve people in west Fangshan and Yanhua areas. The West suburb line starting from Bagou to Fragrant Hills is the first modern tramline in Beijing. With a length of 32.35 meters and a width of 2.65 meters, each tram running on the 9-km line with six stations has 280 passenger places. With seven stations, the 9-km-long Shimenying to Jinanqiao section of S1 line, the first medium and low speed maglev line in Beijing, will be put in use this year.

The building of CBD line and Yanfang branch line will start in 2017, which is to mark all the planned subway lines in Beijing are under construction.

According to the environmental impact assessment, CBD line, also known as subway line 28, which starts from Dongdaqiao subway station, goes along Chaoyangmenwai Dajie and Zhenzhi Lu, passes the core area of CBD where it is linked to Beijing East Railway Station, and then runs southward to the green belt west of East 4th Ring Road where it is connected with Dajiaoting station of line 7. The planned length of this underground line is 6.5 km along which eight stations are planned and it mainly serves passengers to and from CBD and Beijing East Railway Station. “CBD line is expected to open in 2020,” said Yang.

Starting from Zhoukoudian area to Jingzhou Lu, Yanfang branch line will set up three stations – Zhoukoudianzhen station, Guce station and Laochengqu station – and connects with Yangfang main line at Raolefu station. The construction of the line will also be under way in 2017.

责任编辑:Lu Qing(QN0045)