Xicheng to promote and renovate Gulou Xidajie in 2019

2019-01-09 18:06 千龙网

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In 2019, quality promotion projects will be launched at Gulou Xidajie, the oldest inclined street in Beijing, and the construction at 26 sites of the street will start in March, according to the press conference of the two sessions of Xicheng District on January 8, 2019.

As a demonstration project under the district’s plan on neighborhood renovation, the overall promotion and renovation of Gulou Xidajie started in 2017, with an aim to build the historically old street into a high-quality cultural leisure street neighboring the Shichahai scenic area.

Based on the demolition of illegal buildings and rectification of “tearing down exterior walls of apartments” at Gulou Xidajie last year, this year the quality promotion projects will focus on unifying the façade style and merchants’ plaques, enhancing green landscapes, improving pedestrian walkways and renovating urban furniture.

The commonly-concerned project of constructing underground parking lot along the street is still under discussion.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)