Shijingshan to build well capital’s west gate

2019-01-12 08:32 千龙网

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Beijing’s Shijingshan District pledges to build itself into a good west gate of the capital with a high level according to its planning released on January 11, 2019.

Shijingshan District will cap its permanent resident population at some 550,000 and control the urban and rural construction land at around 530,000 square kilometers by 2035.

Shijingshan District will build a space layout featured one axis & one belt, multi-supportive points and the collaboration of groups.

Among them, the one axis refers to the Chang’an Avenue and its extension; the one belt is the Xishan-Yongding River Cultural Belt.

Shijingshan District will build an industrial development pattern to be dominated by high-grade, precision and advanced industries.

For this, it has three main functional areas, namely, Beijing Banking & Insurance Business Park, Shijingshan Park of Zhongguancun Science Park and the New Shougang High-end Industry Comprehensive Service Park.