Beijing makes local laws, regulations to protect intangible cultural heritage

2019-01-16 17:07 千龙网

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Beijing plans to formulate local laws and regulations to protect intangible cultural heritage.

The draft resolution was submitted for deliberation to the second session of the 15th Beijing Municipal People’s Congress on January 16, 2019.

As of the end of June, 2018, Beijing had registered more than 12,000 items of intangible cultural heritage.

Totally 11 of them had been enlisted on the list of “Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage” of UNESCO, like Kunqu, Peking Opera.

About 126 ones are on the National Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The abundant historical and cultural heritage is a golden name card of Beijing as an ancient capital with more than 3,000 years’ history as a city and over 800 years as a capital.

However, the inheritance and protection of intangible cultural heritage face universal problems like “lack of people, fund and outlet”.

The draft resolution aims to enhance greater supports for intangible cultural heritage and provide legal basis to resolve the relevant problems.